Sunday, 17 May 2009

I am having a bad day today as Doctor Clifford phoned to say I might have to go back into a plaster cast tomorrow for another month. To cheer myself up I just look at Herbie`s photo. Rachael and Herbie came across on Friday for the day from Guernsey. The weather was awful and the boat was delayed. We had a lovely day when she finally did arrive although Herbie was teething poor darling. Unfortunately the boat going home in the evening was also delayed and she did not get back into her house until 9 p.m. what a long day for them. I think a day trip is too much with a baby she should have slept over but wanted to try a day trip. How happy am I holding my little sweetie. It is his christening next weekend so I will get to hold him again.


Danielle said...

Oh Lorraine I'm sorry to hear you may have to go back into plaster for another month - that must be very frustrating for you! Clearly Herbie brings you a lot of joy so it's good to stay focused on the good things!!
Hugs, Danielle

bellaelysium said...

hi lorraine!

I just saw your blog link thru danielle's blog.

Oh, and do pop over to my blog to get your blog award!

I hope you are feeling cheerful now =D

-Esther (facebook)